Resources I find useful

Below are the blogs, books, and more that I’ve liked. Not presented in any particular order. I mostly use a RSS reader to follow interesting sites; currently using feedly since they murdered Google Reader. Note that just because I post about something does not mean I endorse the site or the point the author is making.

Investment sites

  1. Collaborative Fund for VC and investment news
  2. Market folly for hedge fund news
  3. Value Investing World forinvesting frameworks and news
  4. Of Dollars And Data is more personal finance oriented
  5. Matt Levine is one of the best financial writers out there
  6. Damodaran is a great teacher and overall great guy. How many profs will straight out tell you not to buy their overpriced book?
  7. Howard Marks’s memos are always a pleasure to read
  8. Meb Faber skews more quanty, but has many good articles. He does a good podcast too.
  9. Tren Griffin covers investing, business, and more
  10. Geoff Yamane uses his blog to refine his thoughts and get feedback, similar to myself. Start with this article

Economic sites

  1. Marginal revolution is famous for good reason, but quantity of posts can be overwhelming
  2. John Cochrane applies theory to real life situations
  3. Dan Ariely’s is mostly just weekly WSJ Q&A now for behavioural economics

China sites

  1. Michael Pettis is fantastic for broader China economic thinking and fixing misconceptions
  2. China Law Translate does great work on Chinese laws. Start with their extensive work around misconceptions of Social Credit here

Tech sites

  1. a16z is one of the best known VC firms and puts out frequent content on tech
  2. Benedict Evans, a partner at a16z, also writes about his personal tech views
  3. Stratechery is a mouthful of a site where Ben Thompson writes a lot on tech and media strategy as he sees it
  4. Fred Wilson posts on a variety of topics, but mostly venture focused
  5. Paul Graham doesn’t seem to write on his site much, but there’s enough content already to keep you occupied for a long time
  6. Techcrunch is popular for tech news, though I’ve disliked it after the redesign
  7. Venturebeat is also popular for tech news
  8. Hacker News tends to be more technical, and sometimes goes over my head
  9. Technode focuses on asia tech news

Internet marketplaces

  1. Bill Gurley is one of the mos well known VCs, and this piece is a good framework to start with
  2. Andrew Chen is well known for his marketplace writing, and this compilation is a great starting point
  3. Josh Breinlinger writes mostly about marketplaces, and has a rake factor article that I really like
  4. NFX has a collection of marketplace and network effects writings that comprehensively discuss the themes in the space

Sites about how to think

  1. Farnam Street is probably the most popular one on mental models
  2. Cal Newport likes to write about productivity
  3. Nassim Nicholas Taleb often writes stuff beyond my understanding, but is worth browsing
  4. Byrne Hobart’s medium posts and newsletters are a blend of econs, investing, tech, and “things that don’t mean-revert”

Excel sites

  1. Chandoo’s excel blog is helpful whenever I have obscure excel problems
  2. SumProduct’s thought page has a large number of articles explaining formulas
  3. Ozgrid has formula and macro help, though it seems the site underwent a redesign and some pages might be broken.

Lifestyle sites

  1. Punch is great for cocktail articles and research. I’ve added to my drink list from their posts.
  2. Eater NY is helpful for keeping up with the restaurant scene in NY. There’s a country wide site too


  1. XKCD is wide ranging in what it covers and often thought-provoking
    • If you’re like me and lost sometimes, explain xkcd is there for you
  2. The Order of the Stick has been going on for a long time now and is great for DnD fans
  3. Lackadaisy Cats has fantastic art but infrequent updates
  4. Wonderella is ridiculous and great
  5. Ctrl Alt Del was probably one of the first webcomics I started with, and is gaming focused

Book list to come