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2019 annual reflection

2 minute read

I’ve written before about doing year end reflections. For 2019, I’ve updated the questions and made a new template based on other helpful articles I saw. I a...

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Saber Capital info vs time edge

2 minute read

I’ve found John Huber’s categorisation of investment edge indispensable in thinking about investing. He recently wrote more about it here [1].

2019 Punch Card Conference notes

20 minute read

I was lucky enough to get invited by a friend to the 2019 Punch Card Conference, the annual event for Project Punch Card, “a nonprofit that supports underrep...

Lux Capital annual dinner notes

3 minute read

I’ve been following Josh Wolfe of Lux Capital for a while now, as he’s sharp and also unafraid to call people out. Lux recently gave a short presentation at ...

How to conduct effective premortems

3 minute read

I’m a fan of conducting pre-mortems before projects since they help pre-empt problems. Gary Klein, Paul Sonkin, and Paul Johnson discuss common mistakes and ...

John Chambers webinar

4 minute read

I attended a webinar with John Chambers recently, below are the takeaways:

Public secrets

1 minute read

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Always be raising

10 minute read

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Notes from Button’s 2019 TAP summit

6 minute read

I had the privilege of getting an invite from James Teodorini to Button’s TAP summit 2019. Button hosted a great lineup of speakers and organised an excellen...

A thousand true fans

4 minute read

I came across Kevin Kelly’s 1,000 true fans essay recently, and thought it was relevant to what I’m trying to do now with the website and the newsletter. Hig...

Developing a circle of competence loop

4 minute read

Benton Moss of Circle of Competence recently published a revised framework of how he thinks about developing a circle of competence. My thoughts on the docum...

The benefits of friendship

8 minute read

Following up on last week’s post about different types of friendship, this week I’m going over the benefits of friendship, drawing on articles I found online...

Why can’t we be friends?

4 minute read

I recently organised group drinks for 12 people, a meetup for 8, and two separate dinners for 4. I like bringing people together, especially if the people th...

100 year old movie

4 minute read

I’m fascinated by things that deal with time. From experiments that show how memory and time are linked, to organisations that aim to last 10,000 years, seei...

Increasing nudge awareness

2 minute read

If you’ve used a travel site before, you’ll be familiar with a page that looks like this:

Query review

4 minute read

A friend launched a new project recently, Query News. This is a walkthrough of what the project is and some suggestions I have.

Ad targeting myths

4 minute read

People rightfully have privacy and other concerns in the current age of location sharing and targeting, which has been catalysed by GPS. The ability of ad ta...

Broken heart syndrome

5 minute read

“Aujourd’hui, maman est morte. Ou peut-être hier, je ne sais pas.” The opening lines of The Stranger by Albert Camus captivated me when I first read it [1] a...

Becoming a millionaire in 80 million ways

4 minute read

*Disclaimer: The below is an opinion and for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for inv...

Review of Substack in 2019

7 minute read

Disclaimer: I was introduced to Substack by an employee there. Also, I’ve refreshed this review for 2020 here

Wechat creator talk notes

5 minute read

Wechat creator Allen Zhang [1] gave a long speech early this year about the app. The chinese version can be found here, and wechat also published an english ...

Sam Altman’s conversation with Tyler

9 minute read

Tyler Cowen recently hosted a conversation with Sam Altman, who until recently was the longtime President at Y Combinator, a well known startup accelerator. ...

Replicability Crisis

4 minute read

I remember standing in a bathroom with my arms on my hips in a superman pose, staring at the mirror. “This feels weird” said one side of my brain. “But…scien...

Tell me why

4 minute read

Conviction level in this idea: 60%

Dunning on Dunning-Kruger

4 minute read

Dumb people think they’re smart. Smart people think they’re dumb. This is a simplistic overview of the Dunning-Kruger effect. David Dunning explains more in ...

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Selection bias and China trade

1 minute read

* Note: this is a backdated post from an email I sent to friends, lightly edited for personal content and clarity

Picking careers

3 minute read

* Note: this is a backdated post from an email I sent to friends, lightly edited for personal content and context

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Specialists vs Generalists

2 minute read

* Note: this is a backdated post from an email I sent to friends, lightly edited for content and context

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Tortoise vs hare

4 minute read

* Note: this is a backdated post from something I took notes on in the past. If you like this, you’ll like my monthly finance and tech newsletter

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