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John Chambers webinar

4 minute read

I attended a webinar with John Chambers recently, below are the takeaways:

Public secrets

1 minute read

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Always be raising

10 minute read

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Notes from Button’s 2019 TAP summit

6 minute read

I had the privilege of getting an invite from James Teodorini to Button’s TAP summit 2019. Button hosted a great lineup of speakers and organised an excellen...

A thousand true fans

4 minute read

I came across Kevin Kelly’s 1,000 true fans essay recently, and thought it was relevant to what I’m trying to do now with the website and the newsletter. Hig...

Developing a circle of competence loop

4 minute read

Benton Moss of Circle of Competence recently published a revised framework of how he thinks about developing a circle of competence. My thoughts on the docum...