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The benefits of friendship

8 minute read

Following up on last week’s post about different types of friendship, this week I’m going over the benefits of friendship, drawing on articles I found online...

Why can’t we be friends?

4 minute read

I recently organised group drinks for 12 people, a meetup for 8, and two separate dinners for 4. I like bringing people together, especially if the people th...

100 year old movie

4 minute read

I’m fascinated by things that deal with time. From experiments that show how memory and time are linked, to organisations that aim to last 10,000 years, seei...

Increasing nudge awareness

2 minute read

If you’ve used a travel site before, you’ll be familiar with a page that looks like this:

Query review

4 minute read

A friend launched a new project recently, Query News. This is a walkthrough of what the project is and some suggestions I have.