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2019 annual reflection

2 minute read

I’ve written before about doing year end reflections. For 2019, I’ve updated the questions and made a new template based on other helpful articles I saw. I a...

Saber Capital info vs time edge

2 minute read

I’ve found John Huber’s categorisation of investment edge indispensable in thinking about investing. He recently wrote more about it here [1].

2019 Punch Card Conference notes

20 minute read

I was lucky enough to get invited by a friend to the 2019 Punch Card Conference, the annual event for Project Punch Card, “a nonprofit that supports underrep...

Lux Capital annual dinner notes

3 minute read

I’ve been following Josh Wolfe of Lux Capital for a while now, as he’s sharp and also unafraid to call people out. Lux recently gave a short presentation at ...

How to conduct effective premortems

3 minute read

I’m a fan of conducting pre-mortems before projects since they help pre-empt problems. Gary Klein, Paul Sonkin, and Paul Johnson discuss common mistakes and ...